Services and Prices

If you are looking for a quality salon with professionally trained stylists and affordable prices, Baby Face is for you. You can be sure that you will achieve the look you want in our salon.


Kerastase Hair Care200 TL300 TL
Broken Blow Dry100 TL
Eyelash Perming450 TL
Curling Iron150 TL400 TL
Engage Head2000 TL
Ombre1000 TL2500 TL
Permanent Wave1000 TL1500 TL
Hair Care250 TL800 TL
Rasta (Permanent)7000 TL
Highlights1000 TL2500 TL
Hair Cut150 TL200 TL
Toast500 TL
Vak450 TL
Inoa Paint500800 TL
Knob400 TL700 TL
Bride's Head4500 TL
Inoa Dye / Hair Root Dye500 TL
Men's Hair Cut200 TL
Root Dye350 TL
Blow Dry60 TL100 TL
Microblading3000 TL
Children's Haircut150 TL
Bonus Curling Iron300 TL600 TL
Bead Hair Weld (100 Pieces)6000 TL
Herbal Dye300 TL600 TL
Balayage1000 TL2500 TL
Paint350 TL950 TL
African Braid (Insertion)3000 TL6000 TL
Lightening - Coloring1500 TL3000 TL
Washing - Drying60 TL


Permanent Nail Polish180 TL
Silk Eyelashes500 TL850 TL
Water Based Makeup600 TL1000 TL
Eyebrow / Eyelash Color250 TL
Eyebrow70 TL100 TL
Permanent Make-Up2000 TL4000 TL
Whiskers30 TL
Make-up600 TL1000 TL
Complete Wax800 TL
Arm Sir Wax 1/1120 TL
Arm Sir Wax 1/280 TL
Armpit60 TL
Manicure150 TL200 TL
Prosthetic Nail600 TL
Private Sir150 TL
Pedicure600 TL
Face200 TL
Skin Care500 TL
Leg Waxing200 TL

Our professional team will provide a free in-depth consultation to assess your hair and any style changes prior to your appointment.